Course         : Diploma in Technology

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Diploma in Technology study programme is conducted by the Faculty of Engineering Technology as the first phase of Bachelor of Technology (Engineering) degree programme. This is on par with national diplomas in technology conducted by other Institutions in Sri Lanka. After following the Diploma in Technology the students could exit with the Diploma Certificate or could continue to the Bachelor of Technology (Engineering) degree programme. The entry qualification to the Programme is the passing of GCE (A/L) Examination - Sri Lanka in mathematic stream or equivalent. The minimum duration of the programme is two academic years. For those who have higher qualifications can obtain exemptions from certain courses and could complete the diploma in one year. (See under Further Details, for accepted qualifications for which exemptions could be claimed) The programme is offered in the specializations of Agricultural, Civil, Computer Electrical, Electronic and Communication, Mechanical, Mechatronics, and Textile and clothing engineering.

The study programme has been designed to include all aspects of engineering by specifying minimum and maximum number of credits for different course categories of Engineering, Engineering projects, Mathematics, General, Management, English language, Computer literacy and Industrial. All engineering category courses are supported by relevant laboratory classes, mostly conducted at the central campus in Nawala, while some facilities for lower level courses are provided at the regional centers. The core (compulsory) courses vary according to the field of specialization, and other courses are to be chosen from a list of courses to meet the credit requirement for an award. Minimum and maximum category wise and level wise credit requirements for the Diploma in Technology is given in the credit requirement table (see under further details). In addition to course credits, the students need to undergo industrial training of 30 weeks in a recognized organization.

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