Message from the  President / SLUTOU

Our 60th anniversary was held at the SLIDA on 27th August , 2016. It was very huge event among other trade union in the university system. I am thanking to everybody who are participated ,helped and encourage us as a committee and my special thank goes to Minister Susil premajayantha , Minister Mohan Lal grero, UGC Chairman, Vice Chairman and other distinguish guests.



With 60 years of hindsight, hard work, determination, we are proud to announce you the 60th anniversary of Sri Lanka Universities Technical Officers Union. As everyone know reaching this journey was not so easy and we have always been blessed with faithful leaders and trust full members in most difficult times along this period of progress. As a tribute to all who have joined arms throughout their careers and those who will be conjoined, we are pleased to inform you the celebration of the 60th anniversary of SLUTOU on a high. As we have made arrangements to invite Hon. Minister Lakshman Kiriella, Hon. State Minister Mohanlal Grero, All Vice Chancellors of Universities, All University Registrars of Universities, Chairman university grant commission, Deputy Chairman university grant commission, Our Distinguish Senior members, and all SLUTOU members for this historical occasion. The venue will be Auditorium - SLIDA. The date and time will be announced once the guest availability dates are sought out. The organizing committee invites all member of SLUTOU union to participate and give there valuable support to make this event a success.


Thanking you,

60th anniversary Committee.


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